About Jeff

bwsmallJeff Maysh is a British journalist and author based in Hollywood, California. He has contributed to Vanity Fair, The Independent Magazine of London, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Sunday Telegraph of London, and The New York Post. He has reported from India, West Africa, Australia and from a cannibal island in the South Pacific. Rodney King once came at him with a miniature baseball bat. He is 31.

Jeff has won a number of British journalism awards. These include the MJA Feature Writer of the Year Award in 2006, two IPC Writer of the Year Awards in 2005 and 2006, one IPC Online Writer of the Year Award in 2007 and PTC’s New Monthly Magazine Journalist of the Year Award in 2005. He has twice been a finalist for Writer of the Year at the PPA Awards. In 2011 he was awarded the green card by the United States for extra-ordinary achievement in the field of journalism.

His long form story about Steve Davies, a mythical soccer fan who scored a goal for West Ham United, was included in America’s ‘Best Football Writing 2013′, and in the Dutch broadsheet NRC’s ‘Five Best Long Reads of 2013′, and in the New Zealand Herald’s ‘Best Sporting Long Reads of 2013.’

As a foreign correspondent in America, Jeff has reported on-the-scene from major tragedies, including Colorado’s theater shooting, and Newtown, Connecticut’s school massacre. Jeff has written about Indian dynamite fisherman, illegal bicycle races in Tokyo, American murder trials, and sheep’s placenta facials.

Jeff has written three books, including the autobiography of one of London’s most feared bank robbers — and he knows where the money is hidden.
He is represented by Joel Gotler at IPG in Los Angeles.