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My Big Fat Wedding Secret

Nov 6th 2013
Claire and Jeff 30-12-11 (44 of 268)

WHEN I GOT MARRIED in December, 2012, my wife and I were hiding a big secret. No, we weren’t pregnant, before you ask! But there was something that none of our 120 guests could know. This month, I’m going to reveal all in Cosmopolitan magazine, and I need to find other couples that have a wedding secret.


- Was your bride or groom harbouring a secret from their past?
- Were you married without Mum and Dad’s blessing, in secret?
- Had your spouse secretly been married before?
- Did your guests not know this was an arranged marriage?
- Was someone important not invited….?
- Was the bride or groom on the run!
- Did you keep the whole wedding a secret?

If you’ve got a wedding secret that the guests never knew, I’d love to hear from you. Please, be British, and Cosmo readership age….! Email me if you know someone, or if this is YOU!

Or share it….