Jeff Maysh (b. 1982, in Nassau, Bahamas) is a British-American writer based in Southern California. He writes for publications including the New Yorker, the Atlantic, the Financial Times, and many others. He is best known for his story about the corrupt McDonald’s Monopoly competition, one of the most-clicked on and talked about stories of the true crime boom. His writing has been included in the Atlantic’s “100 Exceptional Works of Journalism,” and in “Best American Sports Writing.” He has won five times at the Southern California Journalism Awards, including “Best Crime Reporting”—twice, and many of his stories are currently in development at television and film studios. According to Harvard University’s Nieman Storyboard: “Maysh has a penchant for telling genre-breaking stories about people with secret lives.” He leads his own double life as an associate creative director in the tech industry.

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