Undercover Lovers

Undercover Lovers

A true crime love story, with a twist

During the pandemic, Donna Metrejean realized she had lost her self-esteem. At fifty-one she had raised three children and enjoyed a career as a substitute teacher, but now her life seemed to be in a downward spiral. She was miserable in her job scrubbing office buildings in Pierre Part, a small Louisiana town, and each night she returned home to an unhappy marriage. “It felt like I was walking through a minefield,” she says. To make herself feel better, she liked to dye her hair blue, purple, or silver. At night she scrolled through social media, hoping to connect with people from happier chapters in her life. One night she looked up an old girlfriend’s younger brother, Robert Golden.  

They had met back in 2006. Donna had just stepped out of a friend’s truck wearing a white shirt and cowboy boots. When Robert laid eyes on her, he thought she was the very image of the American dream. He recalls that, three years earlier, he had returned from a tour in Somalia with the U.S. Army’s 75th Rangers Division, and was ready to settle down. He thought he’d found his future wife.

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Jamie Larson